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英语 qushang 5年前 (2017-03-11) 1934次浏览

Entry—exit Inspection and Quarantine of the P、R、China 中国出入境检验检疫

1、foreign trade(外贸)contracl 合同)invoice(发票)
2、bill of lading(提单)L/C(信用证)buyer(买方)
8、customer 客户、顾客 accepl 接受 choice 选择
9、industrial 工业的 product 产品 terms 条款
10、important 重要的 sign 签字 each 每一个 11、business 业务、生意 start 开始 wait 等待
12、sure 肯定的 service 服务 rest 休息
13、fair 交易会 spend 花费 certainly 当然
14、goods 货物 display 展示 commodity 商品
15、silk 丝绸 garment 服装 sample 样品
16、sell 卖出 market 市场 world 世界
17、example 例子 of course 当然 popular 流行的
18、policy 政策 visit 拜访 relation 关系
19、past 过去的 fact 事实 benefit 利益
20、commercial 商业的 cooperate 合作 future 未来
21、type 型号 specification 规格 price 价格
22、FOB 离岸价 CIF 到岸价
23、inspection 检验 test 检测 report 报告
24、certificate 证书 stamp 印章 health 健康
25、quality 品质 weight 重量 quantity 数量
26、wrong 错的 colour 颜色 date 日期
27、shipment 装船 answer 回答 delivery 交货
28、size 尺码 percent 百分之 toy 玩具
29、packing 包装 carton 纸箱 ilogram 公斤
30、net weight 净重 confirmation 确认 agent 代理人 31、beneficiary 受益人 applicant 申请人 opening bank 开证行 32、Certficate of Quality 品质证书
Certificate of Weight 重量证书
33、Certificate of Quantity 数量证书
Certificate of Packing 包装证书
34、Certificate of Health 健康证书
Certificate of Quarantine 检疫证书
35、Veterinary Certificate 兽医证书
Sanitary Certificate 卫生证书
36、Certificate of Origin 产地证书

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37、Certificate of Fumigation 熏蒸证书 38、Fumigation/Disinfection Certificate 熏蒸/消毒证书 39、Animal Health Certificate 动物卫生证书
40、Phytosanitary Certificate 植物检疫证书
41、Phytosanitary Certificate For Re-export 植物转口检疫证书 42、3anitary Certificate For Conveyance 交通工具证书 43、Quarantine Certificate For Conveyance 运输工具检疫证书 44、Veterinary Health Certificale 兽医卫生证书
45、consignee 收货人 consignor 发货人
description of good 品名、货物名称
46、quantity/weight declared 报检数/重量
47、Contract No、合同号 Invoice No、发票号
48、place of arrival 到货地点 means of conveyance 运输工具 49、date of arrival 到货日期 B/L or Way Bill No、 提单或运单号 50、place of despatch 启运地 date of inspection 检验日期 51、date of completion of discharge 卸毕日期
52、Mark&No. 标记及号码 destination 目的地
53、Name and No. Of Conveyance 运输工具名称及号码 54、Port of despatch 启运口岸 Port of destination 到达口岸 55、date of arrival/departure 到达/离境日期
56、name and address of consignor 发货人名称及地址 57、name and address of consignee 收货人名称及地址 58、number and type of packages 包装种类及数量 59、document 单据 rule 规则 bank 银行
60、importer 进口商 exporter 出口商 trade mark 商标 61、container 集装箱 vessel 船 to order 待指定
62、Plastic drum 塑料桶 gunny bag 麻袋 wooden case 木箱 63、packing material 包装材料 outer package 外包装 64、flexible package 软包装 transparent package 透明包装 65、wooden pallet 木托盘 corrugated carton 瓦楞纸箱 66、plywood 胶合板箱 poly bag 塑料袋
67、vacuum packaging 真空包装 cushioning material 衬垫材料 68、dozen 打 roll 卷 bundle 捆
69、water proof packing 防水包装 rust proof packaging 防锈包装 70、moisture proof packaging 防潮包装
shockproof packaging 防震包装
71、adhesive tape 压敏胶带 plastic foam 泡沫塑料
72、long 长 high 高 thick 厚
73、top 顶 bottom 底 side 边
74、degree 度 wide 宽 deep 深
75、fragile 易碎的 hard 硬的 sharp 锋利的
76、packing sound 包装良好 no leakage 无渗漏

77、total net weight 总净重叠 pumpkin seeds 南瓜子 garlic 大蒜 78、bike 自行车 rubber shoes 胶鞋 game player 游戏机 79、loud speaker 扬声器 citric acid 柠檬酸
80、inspection certificate 检验证书 certify 证明

81、Guangdong Native Product Import & Export Corporation. 广东土产进出口公司
82、The goods were packed In gunny bags of 50kgs net each. 货物用麻袋包装、每袋净重公斤

83、The quality of the above mentioned goods were in conformity with the requirement of the contract No、JBD-089.
上述货物的品质符合 JBD-089 号合同的品质要求
84、We need a Phytosanitary Certificate.

85、food inspection for export 出口食品检验
86、Fill in this Application Form,please. 请填写一份申请。 87、Please show me the Customs Declaration Form. 请出示报关单 88、It Is an irrevocable letter of credit which can not be changed. 这是一份不可撤消信用证、是不能更改的。
89、The most important document is the contract. 最重要的文件是合同
90、The goods are now ready for packing. 货物已备妥、可以包装了。
91、It’s a pleasure to be of help.
92、Will you please explain It tor me again? 你能再为我解释一遍吗?
93、How shall we be doing next?
94、Our goods are of best quality and lowest price. 我们的商品品质优良、价格低廉。
95、Quality is of first importance.
96、It seems that we can catch the April shipment. 看来我们能赶上四月份装船。
97、We have to hold you to the contract.
98、We have cooperated with each other nicely all these years. 这些年来我们合作得很好。
99、All the goods are selling very fast in the international. 这些商品在国际市场上销售得很快。
100、What else can I do for you?

HACCP 危害分析和关键环节控制点

CAC 国际营养标准委员会、食品法典委员会 OIE 世界动物卫生组织
IPPC 国际植物保护公约
SPS 实施动植物卫生检疫措施协议
TBT 技术性贸易壁垒协议
FAO 联合国粮农组织
ANSI 美国国家标准协会
ASTM 美国材料与试验协会
IEEE 美国电气电子工程师学会
UL 美国保险商实验所
FDA 美国食品药品管理局
FEIS 美国食品安全检验局
ISO 国际标准化组织
IEC 国际电工委员会
ITU 国际电信联盟
ICAO 国际民航组织
WHO 国际卫生组织
ILO 国际劳工组织
IWTO 国际毛纺组织
IOE 国际动物流行病学局
CQC 中国进出口质量认证中心
CIQ 中国检验检疫
WTO 世界贸易组织
CCC 中国强制认证

Where do you wish to reinspect the goods?


The importers have the right to reinspect the goods after their arrival.


What’s the time limit for the reinspection?


It’s very complicated to have the goods reinspected and tested.


What if the results from the inspection and the reinspection do not coincide with each other?

如果检验和复验的结果有出入该怎么办呢? reinspect 复验 reinspection 复验


Who issues the inspection certificate in case the quality do not confirm to the contract?


The certificate will be issued by China Import and Export Commodity Inspection Bureau or by

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any of its branches.


The Inspection Certificate will be signed by the commissioner of your bureau.


Our certificates are made valid by means of the official seal and personal chop of the commissioner.
As a rule, our certificate is made out in Chinese and English. 通常证明书是用中文和英文开具的。

You may have another certificate showing the goods to be free from radioactive contamination.


Our goods must be up to export standards before the Inspection Bureau releases them.


Our Inspection Bureau will issue a Veterinary Inspection Certificate to show that the shipment is in conformity with export standards. 商检局将出具动物检疫证明书以证明货物符合出口标准。
Is it convenient for you to engage a surveyor?


We have the best surveyor, China Import and Export Commodity Inspection Bureau.

我们有最好的公证行,即中国进出口商品检验局。 Inspection Certificate 检验证明
Inspection Certificate of Quality 质量检验证书 Inspection Certificate of Quantity 数量检验证书 surveyor 检验行,公证行

Additional Words and Phrases
Inspection Certificate of Weight 重量检验证书 Inspection Certificate of Origin 产地检验证书 Inspection Certificate of Value 价值检验证书 Inspection Certificate of Health 健康检验证书
Sanitary Inspection Certificate 卫生检验证书 Veterinary Inspection Certificate 兽医检验证书 inspection of packing 包装检验
inspection of loading 监装检验
inspection of material 材料检验
inspection of risk 被保险物价的检查
inspection of storage 监装
inspection of voucher 凭证检验
inception of carriage 货车检查
inspection of document 单证检查
inspection of fixed asset 固定资产检查
inspection of incoming merchandise 到货验收 Inspection Certificate on Damaged cargo 验残检验证书

Inspection Certificate on Tank 验船证书
Certificate of Measurement & Weight 货载衡量证书
Authentic Surveyor 公证签定人
inspection on cleanliness 清洁检验
inspection on cleanliness of dry cargo hold 干货舱清洁检验
inspection on cleanliness of tank 油舱清洁检验
inspection and acceptance 验收
inspection before delivery 交货前检验
inspection after construction 施工后检验
inspection during construction 在建工程检验
inspection between process 工序间检验
inspection report 检验报告
inspection tag 检查标签
Inspectorate General of Customs 海关稽查总局
inspection and certificate fee 检验签证费
to issue(a certificate) 发…(证明)
Sworn Measurer 宣誓衡量人
Underwriters Laboratory 保险商实验室
Loyd’s Surveyor 英国劳氏公证行
General Superintendence & Co, Geneva (S.G.S) 瑞士日内瓦通用签定公司

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