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英语 qushang 5年前 (2017-03-11) 1986次浏览


accumulated earnings 积累收益
a circular economy 循环经济
a convenient method of payment 方便的付款方式
an economic boom 经济兴旺
an economic depression (slump, recession) 经济萎缩
an economic takeoff 经济起飞
anti-dumping measures 反倾销措施
assets depreciation range 资产折旧幅度
balance the two-way trade 保持双边贸易的平衡
bonded/free trade area 保税区
bonded warehouse 保税仓库
bottleneck restrictions 瓶颈制约
break regional blockades and trade monopolies 打破地区封锁和待业垄断
capital market 资本市场
cargo handling capacity 货物吞吐量
commission/brokerage 佣金
commodity economy 商品经济
confessional/favorable terms 优惠条件
cost and benefit analysis 成本收益分析
cost-of-living index 生活费指数
cross-border takeover 跨国并购
currency depreciation/appreciation 通货贬值/升值
current account balance sheet 流动资产负债表
current asset losses in suspense 待处理流动资产损失
current debt ratio 流动负债比率
current fund employment rate 流动资金占有率
current liability 流动负债
current tangible assets 有形流动资产
domestic funds 国内配套资金
earning capacity 盈利能力
E-commerce/E-business 电子商务
economic aggregate 经济总量
economic efficiency 经济效益
economic growth point 经济增长点
economic indicators 经济指标
economic measure 经济手段
economic strength 经济实力
economy of scale 规模经济
efficiency in operation 经营效率
emerging market economy 新兴市场经济
equity capital transaction 产权资本转让
equity earnings 参股收益;股本盈利
equity investment 股本投资
equity ownership 资本所有权
excessive consumption 超前消费
export-oriented/outward-looking economy 外向型经济是
extensive/intensive operation 粗放/集约经营
fair trading practice 公平贸易行为
financing channels 融资渠道
fixed-assets accounting 固定资产核算
fluctuate in line with market conditions 随行就市
foreign exchange-earning enterprise 创汇型企业
foreign exchange market 外汇市场
foreign investment in actual use 实际利用外资
general retail price index 社会零售物价总指数
generous pension and healthcare plans 优厚的养老金和医疗卫生保障
green power 财力;金钱
gross foreign export value 外贸出口总额
gross output value of industry and agriculture 工农业总产值
guidance plan 指导性计划
2-hour economic zone 两小时经济圈
import/export quota 进出口配额
in a period of transition 在过渡时期
income tax return 所得税申报表
income to net worth ratio 净值收益率
industrial policy 产业政策
industrial redeployment/relocation 产业转移
inflation-proof bank savings 保值储蓄
investment in fixed assets 固定资产投资
investment portfolio 投资组合
invisible trade 无形贸易
ironclad job protection 铁饭碗
knowledge economy 知识经济
letters patent/certificate of patent 专利证书
low-profit era 微利时代
macro-economic control 宏观调控
maintenance of value 保值
majority shareholding 占有多数股权
managerial decision-making process 管理决策程序
managerial know-how 管理专门知识
mandatory plan 指令性计划
margins desired 期望的毛利
market demand price 市场需求价格
marketing channel 销售渠道,市场渠道
market regulation 市场调节
market value method 市价法
medium-sized enterprise 中型企业
merchandise inventory 商品库存
mild inflation 温和通货膨胀
negative growth 负增长
non-core business 非主营业务
non-performing loan 不良贷款
outbound/overseas investment 海外投资
petrol chemistry 石油化工
property right market 产权市场
public financing rate 财政
purchasing power parity 购买力平价法
qualitative analysis 定性分析
quality guarantee 质量保证
quantitative analysis 定量分析
rate of return on equity 股本收益率
risk investment/ venture capital 风险投资
seller’s market 卖方市场
social benefits/returns 社会效益
start-up company 新兴企业
state revenue 财政收入
sub-prime crisis 次贷危机
tax reduction and exemption 减免税收
the globalization of capital 资本的全球化
the Great Depression 经济大萧条
The Internet of Things 物联网
the law of demand/supply 需求/供应定律
the linkage system between the US dollar and the HK dollar 港币的联系汇率制
the primary/secondary/tertiary industry (the service sector) 第一/第二/第三产业
the real economy 实体经济
the sub-prime mortgage market 房产次贷抵押市场
tighten the money supply 紧缩银根
total volume of retail sales of consumer goods 社会消费品零售总额
total volume of retail sales 社会商品零售总额
trade barrier 贸易障碍
trademark registration 商标注册
Lower export demand and reduced foreign direct investment are more likely to hit urban jobs harder.
Some developing countries are struggling with the fact that money transfers sent from migrants back home have declined substantially, causing the loss of foreign exchange and household income.
一些发展中 家正面临这样一个事实,外出务工人员汇回家的钱大幅养活,造成外汇和家庭收入损失。
Unlike previous crises, developing countries have less room to adjust to the deteriorating economic conditions.
The economic crisis also comes on the heel of the food and fuel crisis.
Hunger and poverty often compel the poor to overexploit the resources on which their own livelihoods depend.
It would be confronted with the bottleneck affecting the sustainable development at certain stage of its economic development.
A resurgent American economy would do more to restore the confidence of the world in its own future than anything else.
Stock and commodity markets have been rattled.
Economic growth has averaged about 9% a year.
These measures are widely used to promote the local economy.
They manufacture products at the price of land, resources, environment and sustainability.
Capital continually circulates in search of maximum investment opportunities.
Net profit is the most important figure for working out if a company is healthy or not.
The economy is still in a recession.
The economic globalization has become an irreversible historical trend.
The information-based new economy represented by the Internet economy is advancing vibrantly.
The enormous vitality and promising future of the new economy has caught attention from the governments and enterprises of all countries around the world since it is regarded as a new growth point for the world economy.
Developed countries, with their strong economic strength and technological advantages, has taken the lead in grasping the growth opportunities generated from the new economy.
The economic foundation is far from being sound, and the current situation remains severe.
This contract is made by and between the buyers and the sellers, whereby the buyers agree to buy and the sellers agree to sell the under-mentioned commodity according to the terms and conditions stipulated below.
The more dynamism there is in an economy, the greater the opportunity.
A much more positive kind of competition could emerge if managers thought about strategy in the right way.
Many economists and marketing gurus predict a rosy season for online shopping.
The price of gold surged ahead on Friday, but dropped back when business resumed on Monday.
Even so, the job creation could not keep pace with the surge in the labor force.

保持发展后劲 bring about a sustainable development
保持国有股 keep the state-held shares
并购 merger & acquisition
财政收入 fiscal revenue
仓储式超市 stockroom-style/warehouse-type supermarket
产权制度改革 reform of property rights system
产销直接挂钩 directly link production with marketing
产为的升级换代 upgrading of industries
产业结构调整 industrial restructuring
低碳经济 low-carbon economy
地方保护主义 regional protectionism
地方财政预算 local government budgets
调整改组国有企业 readjust and reorganize state-owned enterprises
对外开放广度和深度 opening up in scope and depth
多种经济成分 diverse sectors of the economy
非公有制经济 non-public sectors of the economy
费改税 transform administrating fees into taxes
个体户 the self-employed
个体、私营经济 self-employed and other private businesses/private economy
股权分置改革 reform of listing non-tradable shares of listed companies
骨干企业 backbone/key enterprise
固定资产重估 reevaluation of fixed system
规范税制 standardize the tax system
规模经济 scale economy; economy of scale
国际收支状况 balance of payments
《国家中长期科学和技术发展规划纲要》 Outline of the National Program for Long- and Medium –Term Scientific and Technological Development
国民经济的支柱 mainstay of the national economy
国民经济的综合平衡 overall balance in national economy
国民经济信息化 informationize the national economy
国民经济支柱产业 pillar industry in national economy
国有资本经营预算制度 budget system for managing state capital
国有资产流失 loss/erosion of state assets
合同管理制 contract management system
即期消费 immediate consumption
集体经济、合作经济 collective and cooperative sectors of the economy
集约经济 intensive economy
技改项目 technological upgrading projects
假日经济 holiday economy
健全项目法人责任制 system of holding the legal person responsible for projects
经济不发达地区 economically underdeveloped areas
经济发展后劲 future economic growth
经济复苏 economic resurgence
经济杠杆 economic lever
经济过热 overheated economy
经济滑坡 economic downturn
经济技术开发区 economic and technological development zone
经济结构战略性调整 strategic restructuring of the economy
经济开发区 economic development zone
经济良性循环 a beneficial economic cycle
经济圈和经济带 economic rim and belt
经济渗透 economic infiltration
经济失调指数 misery index
经济实力 economic strength
经济实体 economic entity
经济适用房 low-cost housing
经济体制改革 reform of economic system; economic restructuring
经济运行 economic performance
经济增长 economic growth
居民消费价格涨幅 rise in the CPI
具有国际竞争力的大企业集团 internationally competitive conglomerates
开放国内市场 open domestic market
开放型经济 an open economy
开拓城乡市场 develop urban and rural markets
开拓农村消费市场 develop consumer markets in rural areas
开展区域经济合作 carry out regional economic cooperation
科技成果产业化 application of scientific and technological achievements in production
可支配收入 disposable income
扩大内需,刺激消费 increase domestic demand and stimulate consumption
劳动力市场 labor market
劳动密集型产业 labor-intensive industry
利益攸关方 stakeholder
《两岸经济合作柜架协议》 Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA)
面向市场 market-oriented
泡沫经济 bubble economy
片面追求发展速度 seek an unduly high growth rate
品牌资产 brand equity
平等保护物权 equal protection of property rights
千年发展目标 Millennium Development Goals
区域发展 regional development
人均纯收入 net per capita income
人均国内生产总值 per capita gross domestic product (GDP)
三角债 chain debts
商品流通体制改革 reform of commodity circulation
社会主义市场经济 socialist market economy
“十一五”计划 the Eleventh Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development
市场多元化 a multi-outlet market
市场分割 market segmentation
市场占有率 market share
市场战略多元化 the strategy of market diversification
市场准入制度 market access rules
收入差距 income gap
收入分配 income distribution
收入分配秩序 pattern of income distribution
提高扶贫开发水平 make poverty reduction more effective through development
投资环境 investment environment/climate
外商直接投资 foreign direct investment
外引内联 act as an intermediary for introducing foreign capital and establishing domestic connection
网上购物 online shopping
网上拍卖 online auction
物流 logistics
西部大开发 large-scale development of western China
现代产权制度 modern system of property rights
现代企业制度 modern enterprise/corporate system
新的经济增长点 new points of economic growth
沿海经济特区 special economic zones in coastal areas
一站式服务 one-stop service
一支笔审批 one-chop approval
在线采购 online procurement
增强国有经济活力、控制力、影响力 enhance the dynamism, leverage and influence of the state sector of the economy
债转股 debt-to-equity swap
招商项目 project proposals for investment
支柱产业 pillar industry
知识密集型产业 knowledge-intensive industry
中部地区崛起 development of the central region
中等发达国家水平 the level of moderately developed countries
中华全国工商联合会 All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce
中央政府公共投资 the central government’s public investment
重合同,守信用 observe contracts and maintain commercial integrity
资本充足率 capital adequacy ratio
资源节约型社会 resource-conserving society
自主创新能力 capacity for independent innovation
自主经营权 full right to independent operation
Science and technology are the primary productive forces.
While maintaining the dominance of the public sector, we encourage diverse sectors of the economy to develop side by side.
The Chinese enterprises are exploring new ways to alter their operational mechanism and rejuvenate themselves in accordance with the goal of establishing modern corporate system. One of the major measures is to absorb foreign capital in the reorganization and restructuring process.
The average per-capita GNP will reach the standard of moderately developed countries.
We must seize new opportunities to meet new challenges. By taking more effective measures and being more active in opening to the outside world, we will strive to expand our foreign trade and absorb more foreign capital.
Since the implementation of the opening-up policy, foreign enterprises have played a crucial role in China’s economic development.
Although the outstanding problems in economic activities have been somewhat alleviated, they have yet to be fundamentally solved.
This meeting laid a solid foundation for the two countries to forge enduring and constant economic ties.
An important factor contributing to substantial price hikes lies in the gradual lifting of its control and its structural adjustment.
China, as the biggest developing country, is also closely following the evolvement of the new economy and making an in-depth study of the opportunities and challenges arising thereof.
In China, we have a strong contingent of talents in science and technology, and a magnetic, huge market.
We hope that the two sides shall strengthen collaboration and exchange, so as to jointly foster an orderly and sound development of the new economy.
China will continue implementing the policy of stimulating domestic demand and accelerating strategic economic restructuring.
Maintain the dominance of the public sector and allowing diverse sectors of the economy to develop side by side will be a basic economic system China will adhere to in a considerable period.
Since the reform and opening up, amid continuous development of the state sector of the economy, other non-public sectors, such as collective and private ones, have also been playing an increasingly important role in the national economy.
China’s reform of its foreign trade and economic cooperation regime is further deepened, and its opening up is notably accelerated.
We shall carry out the strategies of achieving success on the strength of quality, market diversification and reinvigorating trade by science and technology.
The economic globalization has shortened the distance among the people all over the world, maintaining close ties in the world economy and other areas.
China’s total GDP has quadrupled, with the economic structure notably improved and a market economy preliminarily established.
China will improve its multi-dimensional, multi-tiered and wide-ranging pattern of opening up, develop an open economy and actively participate in regional economic cooperation and the global multilateral trading system.


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